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    The Rules of the game

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    The Rules of the game Empty The Rules of the game

    Post  Garibaldi on Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:23 pm

    Ok, deleted this once...let's try again...

    1. Nothing offensive or abusive. So that's nothing racist, homophobic, inciting or promoting illegal activities, you know how it goes. If you're not sure if you'll offend, don't post it

    2. Try to avoid no-word posts - a single smiley does not constitute adding to a conversation. On occasion is fine, but don't make a habit.

    3. Respect the other posters. If you want to get nasty, go to the asylum. You can argue to your hearts content in there. If you ignore warnings to take it in there you WILL be suspended. Do it again and you will be banned. If you are offended by what you find in there, then don't go in there.

    4. No spamming. Absolutely no spamming. Ever. If you spam by any method, your account will be locked. If there is a reason, like wanting to advise multiple members of something specific, or request something, and you feel you can't post it directly to the forum, led the mods know and we'll see if it's OK. Pointless spamming WILL get you banned.

    5. There is no need to point out persistent rule breakers. We will find them. Similarly don't point out grammatical or spelling errors. It's annoying and petty.

    6. No word association games. This is more one of the server people's guidelines - they cause a quick and resource heavy clogging of the servers.

    7. The moderators' word is final.

    Breaking of rules will result in warnings. Further infringements in a suspension and, if you keep being naughty (or you REALLY screw up straight off the bat) then it's goodbye. Ban city.

    Have fun.

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