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    Polls of the Noughties...

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    Polls of the Noughties... Empty Polls of the Noughties...

    Post  Garibaldi on Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:44 pm

    Hi Guys,

    As the decade draws to a close, I'm going to try and get things going here by getting the great unwashed here at Smash to say what was great for them about the decade - not least by setting up a load of polls on various subjects.

    With all of them, take what I've offered as a launching point - there are so many great points, I've just tried to pop in a variety of notables to start things off.

    Don't just pick an answer, say why you though it was so good. Not only will it be interesting to see what makes everyone tick, I'm going to look at popping the greatest ones on the blog to start that up again and advertise what we're all like, see if that will entice people in!

    It'll be cool, and I'll add them as rapidly I can. Not looking at uberspecific (eg Goal of the decade, best wrestling promo, ) ones, but loads of general ones - sporting moments, films, books, wrestlers, TV shows, News events...

    Join in, It'll be fun!

    Miss You Dad...

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