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    The WCW Drinking Game


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    The WCW Drinking Game

    Post  Outlaw2x4 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:38 am

    Someone just sent this to me and I got a lot of laughs out of it so I thought I'd share.

    The WCW Drinking Game - Summer 1998 Edition

    By Bill and Wade and the readers

    * Larry Zbyszko says "tradition", drink. Larry makes a comment about A.C. Jazz, chug.
    * A new Nitro Girl debuts, drink.
    * A wrestler tosses a comment to the "smarks" on the Internet, drink.
    * Every time one of the Nitro Girls messes up the routine, drink.
    * If Chris Jericho says "Jo Jo", "paragon of virtue" or "role model", drink. If he mispronounces the name of the town he's in, drink twice. If he says something will "never, ever happen again", chug.
    * If Curt Hennig comes out drunk, drink. If Scott Hall comes out sober, chug.
    * Someone in the crowd holds up a sign with a misspelling, drink. Someone in the crowd gets a sign taken away, drink. Someone in the crowd holds up a sign upside down, drink twice.
    * Someone gets powerbombed, drink. If the announcers don't call it a powerbomb, drink again.
    * One of the announcers states a blatant historical inaccuracy, drink. If it's anyone other than Okerlund, drink again.
    * Crowd "Whoos" when someone does a backhand chop, drink. Crowd does "We want Flair" chant, chug.
    * Okerlund hypes the 1-900 hotline, drink.
    * Someone gets their head banged into the turnbuckle or gets punched ten times in a row with the crowd counting along, drink. Chug if the head is first banged into the top turnbuckle, then middle, then bottom, or they are punched nine times and then something different is done for the tenth punch.
    * Neidhart says "Yeah, baby!", drink the first time, two the second time, etc.
    * Someone's finisher is no-sold, drink. Chug if anyone other than Goldberg does it.
    * A midcarder from the late-80s (Kendall Windham, Chris Adams, Barry Darsow, Jim Neidhart, etc.) makes an appearance, drink. If Mike Tenay says that they're here due to WCW's "Open Door Policy," chug.
    * If the nWo runs in to save one of their members hineys, drink one. If they're successful, drink two. If they get run off, drink three. If the whole nWo gets run off by one guy, chug.
    * Ciclope hurts himself during a match, drink.
    * Tony Schiavone misuses the word "literally", drink.
    * "Diamond" Dallas Page pretends to break kayfabe, drink. Chug if he actually uses the word "shoot".
    * Lodi gets beaten up, drink.
    * If a jobber wrestles on Nitro: Drink one if he's in hour number one, two if he's in hour number two, and three if he's in hour number three. If the jobber wins, multiply the drinks by three, and smash a beer can against your head.
    * A tag team or faction teases a break up, drink once for each tease. Chug if it's Hennig and Rude or if the group/team actually does break up.
    * Any wrestler points the microphone at the audience, drink. Chug if it's Scott Hall.
    * Any wrestler (Okerlund and Buffer don't count) mentions the name of the city they are in to get a cheap pop, drink. Drink twice if it's Konnan. Chug if it's Kevin Nash, DDP, or Piper.
    * Whenever you realize that a major angle has been "forgotten" with no explanation (i.e. powerbombs being banned, nWo being able to challenge for any title at any time, etc.) for a reason other than someone leaving the company, drink.
    * Someone gets their tights pulled down in the back, drink. Chug if it's anyone other than Flair.
    * Heenan says something that makes absolutely no sense, drink. Drink again if one of the other announcers corrects him.
    * Everytime Barry Darsow says "stinkin'", drink.
    * In a tag team match, a wrestler's attempts to interfere on his partner's behalf result in his partner getting a worse beating, drink.
    * In a tag match, the team is unable to make the tag even though the guy on the apron could get closer by going to the other side of the corner, drink.
    * In anything other than a Raven's Rules match, a foreign object (i.e. table) is used in the ring, in full view of the referee, and he doesn't call for the bell, drink.
    * You catch a glimpse of Wildcat Willie, drink.
    * If a three-hour Nitro has fewer matches than WCW {Pro} that week, chug.
    * If Scott Norton sticks his tongue out, drink one. Chug if he wrestles the entire match with his tongue hanging out.
    * When Eric Bischoff runs down "The promotion up North," drink one. If he holds a sign that refers to Vince McMahon or the WWF by name, drink two. If he refers to McMahon or the WWF by name, chug.
    * If the World TV Champion keeps his belt due to the TV time limit, drink two. Chug if the announcers don't make a note of the time limit coming close to expiring beforehand.
    * If a guy getting a shot at the Cruiserweight belt obviously weighs more than 225 pounds, drink one. Drink two if the CHAMPION is the one who weighs more than 225 pounds.
    * If Hollywood Hogan brings in a new friend of his who will get an undeserved push, drink two. Chug if the person is really just another incarnation of Ed Leslie.
    * If Silver King is wrestling and Mike Tenay says not to be fooled by his stocky physique, drink. When Silver King blows up during his ring entrance, chug.
    * A new t-shirt is debuted, drink.
    * Kanyon debuts a new move, drink.
    * Raven or Saturn get a new body piercing or tattoo, drink.
    * Someone gets saliva on the camera lens, drink.
    * The tag team titles are defended, drink. Chug if they are defended by the two guys that actually won them.
    * Someone is successfully impersonated (DDP as La Parka, Lenny Lane as Chris Jericho, Malenko as Ciclope, fake Mortis), drink. Someone is unsuccessfully impersonated (fake Sting, fake Rey Misterio, Bore-Us Malenko), drink twice. An impersonator writes a bad check for $32,000, call a cop.
    * An opponent is confused by Ultimo Dragon's top turnbuckle headstand, drink.
    * A wrestler wins despite the opponent kicking out of his finisher, drink.
    * We are sure of more than two matches two weeks before a pay-per-view, chug.
    * The announcers call Hogan "Hulk Hogan" - two drinks.
    * Arn Anderson makes allusions to Ric Flair - drink.
    * Arn Anderson actually mentions his name (taped old interview or not) - two drinks.
    * Someone else mentions Ric Flair - chug.
    * Heenan makes fun of Schiavone - drink
    * If they actually start Nitro with a match, chug
    * If Tony Schiavone says that something is "the greatest in the history of our sport," drink. If Bobby Heenan proceeds to laugh at him, drink twice.
    * If Scott Hall throws the toothpick at his opponent, drink. If that opponent is Kevin Nash, chug.
    * Everytime you here a canned/taped response drink. Once if the chant is "Goldberg, Twice if its laughter at Easy E's commentary. Drink the entire bottle if Bischoff's joke was actually funny.
    * Every time Tony Schiavone says "...our sport" instead of "wrestling," drink.
    * When DDP calls him Hollywood "Scum" Hogan, drink
    * When Hogan shares his love of Bischoff with us ("I - love - this - man" *Kiss*), drink.
    * Drink one if Chris Benoit hurts himself doing his flying headbutt. Drink two if he hurts himself doing his Rolling German Suplex. Chug if he loses another tooth doing either.
    * Drink one cup of beer if Bryan Adams tells the crowd to "have a cup of Shut the Hell Up" (thank you, Mr. Adams, I think I will)
    * Drink one if Bret Hart says the word "screwed." Chug if the censors bleep it.
    * Drink every time a wrestler has to clean up his language to be more family oriented--"butt" instead of "ass", "guts" instead of "balls", "Hollywood Hogan" instead of "Hulk Hogan(TM)"
    * Drink one for every muscle on Davey Boy Smith that has turned to flab since leaving the WWF. Drink two for each time the announcers say that an out-of-shape wrestler is in "the best shape of his life" (e.g. Mongo, Stevie Ray, Jay Leno)
    * Drink one if DDP shows up without his ribs taped. Drink two if the announcers notice. Chug if he is later attacked and has to re-tape his ribs.
    * Drink one if Goldberg defends a title against a jobber. Drink ten if it's Jerry Flynn.
    * Drink one if the Public Enemy wins a match without using a table. Drink ten if it's not the Armstrongs.
    * Drink one every time Tony calls a move (correctly or incorrectly). Drink two if he calls a lucha move a "flying body attack". Drink three if he calls a lucha move "whattamove!!". Drink nothing if he calls a spinebuster a "sidewalk slam" --I'd hate for anyone to get drunk or anything.
    * Drink one for each one of the following who get beat up: Lodi, Vincent, Disciple, Sunny Onoo, any non-Raven Flock members.
    * Drink one if any of the following takes a bump: Duggan, Meng, Hogan, Luger, Norton, Ultimate Warrior (has already taken all the bumps he's gonna before he even steps in a WCW ring)--this'll be one of the more sober portions of your life.
    * Drink one for every inch of Scott Steiner's arms that re-define the term "freaky". Drink one for every inch of "fluffing" Alex Wright receives before his matches.
    * Anytime Nitro ends in a screwjob ending, drink. If it involves the nWo black-and-white running in a beating up the opponent, drink twice. If it involves a match with Hogan, chug.
    * Anytime Bret Hart comes out in a shirt different from the rest of his nWo buddies, drink. If it's the "Hogan" shirt, drink twice. If it's a shirt designed to get a cheap pop from the crowd, chug.
    * Anytime Hart disrupts a match and beats up the wrestlers, drink. If the guy is 100 pounds lighter than him, chug.
    * Anytime a celebrity who can't wrestle is introduced as the main event in a PPV, drink. If it's Jay Leno, chug.
    * Konnan, Psichosis, or Brian Adams has his name misspelled in the captions while walking to the ring, chug.
    * A wrestler not scheduled for a match spontaneously runs in ready with his tights on, drink. A wrestler not scheduled for a match runs in spontaneously and is dressed in semi-normal street clothes, chug.
    * A foreign object, including a chair, is brought to the ring, drink. Someone hides a 10 foot long table under the ring and pulls it out, chug.
    * An announcer makes up out of nowhere a name for a move that he obviously does not recognize, drink.
    * One wrestler comes to the ring and clears out at least five other wrestlers who could probably kick the guy's butt, drink.
    * A wrestler refers to himself in the third person or works his name into his monologue, drink.
    * If one of the announcers says "This is the greatest (or biggest) Nitro, event, or match ever" drink once. If it is someone other than Tony chug.
    * If a non-wrestler shows up on Nitro, drink. If it's a non-wrestler who isn't even a legitimate athlete, chug.
    * If Jericho calls Okerlund "Gene Mean," drink.
    * Someone in the crowd wears a "Stone Cold" or "Austin 3:16" shirt, drink.
    * Drink if Chris Benoit is in a title match. Chug if he wins the title. Tap a keg if the match isn't overturned or ignored.
    * Drink if Jim Duggan is on your TV. Take another if the WWF is on at the same time. Chug if he jobs.
    * Drink everytime (ps)Cycho Chavo comes out. Chug if he's doing something new.
    * Drink if Brad Armstrong wins. Chug if Doc Dean wins.
    * Drink if you see the NEW Dancing Fools. Drink again if they explain why Tokyo Magnum is coming out to Alex Wright's music
    * Drink if you see a concept tag team (TPE/Voltage/Heat). Chug if they're getting a title shot.
    * Drink if Goldberg defends the World Title on TV. Drink again if it's against a guy who has a chance to win.
    * Drink if people make an unexplained turn. Drink again if it's not a midcarder. Chug if it involves the nWo.
    * Take a sip, every time Tony uses the phrase "The Greatest whatever In Our Sport". I'd say drink, but you'd run out of beer too fast.
    * Luger shakes his head during a pause in his comments, drink.
    * Konnan makes a gang sign, drink...He makes the gang sign behind his head, chug.
    * Konnan spells someone's name, drink for each letter.
    * One of the announcers uses the phrase "mainstream media," drink.
    * When someone dances drink; if its someone other then Disco, Tokyo Magnum, or Alex Wright--- chug.
    * Whenever they hint about a Horsemen reunion drink. If Arn gives a threatening speach, chug.
    * If the Ultimate Warrior shows up---chug. If he's in good shape, chug again.
    * If Hacksaw fights Meng, break your Beer bottle and stab yourself........
    * If Tony Schiavone hypes a match by claiming that this is a match that will go down in history drink, if Tony claims that because of this match it will be the best Nitro ever "chug"
    * If members of nWo black-and-white give each other the Wolfpack finger touch drink.
    * If a wrestler gets hit with a piece of trash drink, with a cup of liquid, double drink, if Hall gets on the canvas and licks the beer off the mat, call Betty Ford.
    * If during a particulary nasty interview Mean Gene states "you can't touch me I'm an announcer" drink, if he claims to call a lawyer if you touch him chug, if a wrestler actually lays him out, unlimited beer on me for the wrestler.
    * If Mike Tenay makes up a name for one of the luchadores' moves, drink.
    * Public Enemy throws someone on their table, drink. If the table doesn't break, chug.
    * The main event ends in a clean pinfall, chug.
    * If the crowd says "buh!" following a stiff shot, drink.
    * Jericho pulls out the WCW rule book, drink.
    * A non-wrestler appears on the program in any capacity except a non-planted spectator, drink. If that person is a non-ATHLETE, chug.
    * Drink every 10 seconds during a Goldberg match. In the likely event that you do not get to the first drink, chug.
    * Eric Bischoff appears on camera for a period of time exceeding that of the majority of actual matches, drink. (If you're AT THE ARENA doing this, chug, and then throw the bottle at his head)
    * Bischoff puts a decent match/segment at the first hour point to prevent people from switching over to RAW, drink. If this is the first or second match of the night, drink again. If he puts a match he thinks is good there, but any sane person thinks is a waste of time, drink AGAIN. If it involves Jim Duggan, chug.
    * In fact, anytime Jim Duggan comes to the ring, drink. If he prompts a "U.S.A" chant, drink twice. If it is against an American opponent, chug.

    Credits: Joseph Marshman, Dan McFall, Danny Finley, Jeremy, Rob Milota, Daniel Tarrant, Wolf Vanhee, C.T. Tomkinson, Dan England, Elizabeth Lavenza, Will & Jeremy, Bluto Belushi, Oliver J. Gulley III, The Cubs Fan, Aldo D., JD23, Murdock, David S., Steven Opauski, David Blazina, JMS1540.
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    Re: The WCW Drinking Game

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    Funny but very random!

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