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    Hatton to return to ring?

    The Ayatollah

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    Hatton to return to ring?

    Post  The Ayatollah on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:27 pm

    Apparantly after the guest hosting of this weeks Raw, Ricky Hatton was dropping hints of a return to the boxing ring. Apparantly missing the crowd buzz.

    Good idea for Ricky...or not??

    IMO He should stay retired. I'm a massive Hatton fan, but I wouldnt like to see him come back. He has nothing to prove. He tried against Mayweather and Pacquaio (sp?) but came up short, great boxer but not in the class of "Money" or "Pac-Man".
    The only way a return for Hatton would work is if he got himself in the right fight shape, and worked on his footwork more, that let him down in his last 2 fights, that and using the wrong strategy in the fight.
    Big Dave

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    Re: Hatton to return to ring?

    Post  Big Dave on Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:54 am

    I think he is one of them people who doesn't know when to quit and will tuin his legacy.

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    Re: Hatton to return to ring?

    Post  showstealer on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:11 am

    Big Dave wrote:I think he is one of them people who doesn't know when to quit and will tuin his legacy.
    That's one of the problems with boxing, promoters 'We can make a lot of money out of this kid' (said in a New York accent) play to the boxers ego to get them in to more fights, to make themselves even more money. Apparently most of Tyson's earnings belong to Don King. After a boxer has retired the thrill of the fight is missing and there is nothing that can replace it in their life. Hollyfield, Foreman and Balbora (!) have all made come backs in big money fights in their 40s. Look at the state Ali is in as a result of boxing past his prime, scary stuff.
    brother of destruction

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    Re: Hatton to return to ring?

    Post  brother of destruction on Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:23 am

    I feel for Hatton. The 2 big fights he's had, he's had a poor performance against Pacman, against Mayweather, the referee was poor when they were in close. There's still no disgrace losing to those 2, but basically he's got nothing to gain from this fight, even if he wins in devastating fashion. Another bad loss really would harm his legacy.

    "When your back's against the wall, you've got to turn round & fight"


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    Re: Hatton to return to ring?

    Post  RIJ on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:42 pm

    Says alot about his style that at the age of 30, he has lost his punch resistance (as shown by getting troubled by non-puncher Castillo, KO'd by Floyd and annihilated by Pac Man) He shouldn't return; he looks like he'd struggle to make Cruiserweight, let alone Welterweight, judging by his size and appearance on Sky Sports the other day. Such a reckless regime showcases why Floyd (2 years older) is at a continued peak whilst Hatton is finished.

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    Re: Hatton to return to ring?

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