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    Smackdown 10th Anny DVD

    The Phenom

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    Smackdown 10th Anny DVD

    Post  The Phenom on Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:49 am

    Just bought and finished the Smackdown 10th Anniversary DVD, and overall it wasn't bad. Most of the matches were good ones (lots of Guerrero, Rock, Angle) and the moments were good as well.

    One thing caught me off guard though, it seems as if they are going to fade to black and white when blood is shown on all DVD's now. Whenever someone was bloody, they'd fade to the black and white. Matches included.

    And I'm assuming they are never going to put Benoit in anything ever again. His face was shown for a total of 2 seconds in the whole 5 plus hours of this DVD.

    Edit: Also, there were some areas where no commentary was streaming, but you could see commentary ocurring (this happened on the WCW DVD as well) and there are some superstars that had their music dubbed over with older versions (Hogan's was dubbed with Real American instead of Hendrix, Edge dubbed with his old one instead of Rob Zombie)

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    Re: Smackdown 10th Anny DVD

    Post  PeteRoe on Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:31 am

    They have always done that with Edges music at least. They wont have the rights to it no doubt.

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    Re: Smackdown 10th Anny DVD

    Post  showstealer on Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:50 am

    Not happy about the black & white blood hiding. It must be to do with the PG rating of their product now, which will isolate some of the older fans who got won over with the attitude era.

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    Re: Smackdown 10th Anny DVD

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