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    Night Of Champions


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    Night Of Champions Empty Night Of Champions

    Post  PeteRoe on Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:47 pm

    So what did everyone think of it then?

    I will use what I posted on another forum for this.

    I thought it was a very solid effort.

    The triple threat was very good I thought and the 2 matches after suffered as a result I think. Crowd were really into it. Orton winning is fine but we should all know that the feud ender will result in HHH winning it.

    Punk vs Hardy wasa little on the short side. I think Hardy had to win that match. He has been totally run down in this feud by CM Punk as well as his fans. You have to have the happy ending by having Jeff win it. CM Punk will win it back I reckon in a cheap way at some point.

    Melina vs McCool was a very good match and that spot at the start was fantastic. Looked really good. Deserved a better finish than a roll up but very promising stuff.

    Dreamer vs Christian was a good match with a nice quick tempo. Glad to see Chrisitan win.

    6 Pack title match was ok I suppose. Dont usually enjoy these kind of matches but it gets pass marks.

    As I say, very decent.

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    Night Of Champions Empty Re: Night Of Champions

    Post  Screwjob97 on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:14 pm

    Thought, it was goodish.

    Triple Threat was a good match, enjoyed it. It suprised me, because I thought that they would have done an almost replica of the Mania 24 Main Event. But still enjoyed them match. Orton vs. Triple H has dragged on, and yet still I tune in for RAW tonight. Just to see if they do similar stuff as they have done through the entire fued.

    Punk vs. Hardy I was looking foward to, suprised it got the Main Event on the PPV, but anyways thought it was a good match. Didn't like Hardy winning the belt, though, yet at least, should have kept the belt on Punk for the time being, but in any event enjoyed the match.

    The Melina/McCool spot at the start was pretty cool. And the rest of the show was solid and enjoyable.

    Not sure it was worth 15 odd. It's debatable.

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