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    English 3rd division (League 1) prediction league!


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    English 3rd division (League 1) prediction league!

    Post  showstealer on Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:07 am

    If there is another participant I'm going to run the 3rd division version!

    Rules are the same so I may as well do a copy and paste...


    Example Game: Man Utd Bristol Rovers 2-1 Chelsea Carlise

    Let's say Rooq predicts Man Utd Bristol Rovers 2-1 Chelsea Carlise and that is how the game turns out. Rooq receives for that game 5 Smashing points.

    If Rooq predicts Man Utd Bristol Rovers 1-0 Chelsea Carlise and Man Utd Bristol Rovers win 2-1, he gets 2 Points because he predicted a Man Utd Bristol Rovers win

    If Rooq fails to predict the game correctly or doesn't predict at all, he gets 0 Points.

    The same rule applies for a draw.

    Bonus points

    Rooq is on a role this time and he gets 5 Games spot on, he receives an extra ass whooping 10 points! That's 35 points in total for 5 games!

    Should Rooq predict every game spot on in a Game week, he has the right to disable ONE Person from predicting the next Game week. Never happened before but no one is saying it's impossible!

    FAStupid Paint Cup Predictions:

    I've decided to squeeze the premier cup competition in too. Unlike lesser prediction games I'm starting right from the 1st tie!! Cool

    Here is how we are going to do it:

    We start with predicting which lucky clubs get a bye! Then the rounds before starting a knock out tournament based on how many sign up.

    Everyone who signs-up to the League 1 predictions is automatically in the Fucking Stupid Paint Cup predictions as well, weather they like it or not beacuse I AM THE GAMES MASTER AND YOU OBEYED BY MY RULES! Mad

    So Sign-up!!!


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